EFNMS validation system

In a development project, EFNMS has developed common requirements for subject knowledge in maintenance. About 50 topics are specified subject-wise with knowledge and skill requirements for four categories. It’s all in qualifications. Based on this, the validation system for different categories of maintenance personnel has been developed. This has now resulted in the following:


This is multilingual with English as the main language Questions adapted for maintenance technicians are available in 10 languages with 1500 questions in English. The majority of questions are translated into local languages. Validation tests for technicians have been in operation since 2006.

2000 validation questions for leaders and engineers are available in English. Translation into local languages is ongoing and is a prerequisite for rapid implementation.

DATABASE “Basic knowledge EQF4”

This contains 1630 questions in Swedish. The majority of questions are introduced into the MZ system from previous works. After translating the questions into English, these can be transferred to the ValidMaint EFNMS database.

Now there are ready-made EQF 4 tests in production with six base modules and  three  specialist modules.

There are two goals with this validation

a) strengthening already employees in the process of getting better,

b) getting upper secondary school test their students against market needs.

To support people who have been out to work and want to start training as technicians,  there are two tests ready Valid Job – YH 1 and Valid Job – YH 2.Validation shows what they can do!

Test Center

The goal is to create the conditions for validations where each test center is responsible for marketing and performing the necessary supplementary training. These tests are based on knowledge tests.


EFNMS currently certifies maintenance technicians and maintenance managers. The construction of tests within the EFNMS Certification Committee is now underway. Everything is planned to be IT-based to optimize the effort. The new system to validate for certificates will be operational in 2022 for Maintenance Technician specialists, Maintenance Engineers and Maintenance leaders.

The largest market in validation

Using validation as an aid to support a person’s build-up of knowledge and skills is the greatest need. Studies have shown this. Some areas of technology have been using the method for many years. For companies, the result has meant faster growth, lower costs and satisfied customers.

The validation database is structured in stages. It is then possible to test basic competences before training with different tests and then follow the building up of the knowledge up to the goal set for the person.

The maintenance database is so cleverly designed that it is possible to mix questions from different levels of knowledge. In this way, an employer or trainer can lay detailed requirements adapted to the individual professional role. It is now possible to add the tests adapted to the requirements and follow the competence building. The great advantage of validation is that a person should not be trained in what he already knows. It is the shortcomings that should be eliminated.

Competes matrix

The qualifications for the four levels are an aid to planning and micromanaging within the company. By using these as guiding documents, you do not have to formulate the details yourself. When you have done the homework to adapt the requirements to your own specific need, you can shape the validation tests.

The industry has registered that consistent and impartial validation will help to adapt production to the current economic situation and changes.

Development HR support

A large car company is now working on developing the skills building within the international service. The company wants the same competence requirements and tools for validation regardless of language.


When laying off, it is possible to show through validation everything that the person has learned in the work. In this way, there is an impartial document to use in the process of getting a new job. Experience has shown that the informal skills acquired at work are significant.

Test Center

By forming an organization with Test Center with test leaders, who are also advisors to the test taker, you can form a support for the companies. They contact the nearest Test Center to settle the deal. Test Center does the work and bills. The company receives a basis for improvement.